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Our company was founded in 2003, owned by András Rentkó managing director. At the time of the foundation, the aim was to create a trusted enterprise that could gain a recognized and solid position on the Hungarian market by using the experience and expertise acquired by the founder in the management of telecom and cable television network projects. Since then, our company's market position has significantly strengthened thanks to significant administrative and logistical investments, such as the construction of our own site With several decades of experience, a reliable supplier background and a professional personnel, PannonCom Kábel Kft. is Hungary’s market leading telecommunication and low current solution’s supplier, whose main profile is the trade of telecommunication (copper-based and optical) network devices.

We do our business in the following areas:

Wholesale and retail of telecommunications and data cables, installation materials
Design and implementation of telecommunication, IT, cable television networks
Telecommunication and Data Transmission Professional Consultancy
Distribution of canal and drinking water network materials
Implementation of sewerage and drinking water networks
Our portfolios and inventory are tailored to meet the needs of our partners, taking into account economic trends and innovative technologies, guaranteeing the most optimal execution, competitive prices and fast delivery. We strive to build a long-term relationship with our customers, and with our significant subcontractor and supplier base we are able to meet our professional needs "

One of the pillars of our business philosophy is that the best product or installation can only become a real tool in the hands of a well-prepared user. That is why, at the design stage, we consider it important for our specialists to measure customer demand in every detail and to provide useful technical information for selecting the most appropriate product and / or system for the application.

We are also partners in later product deployment and maintenance of our systems. Our registered customers are informed about the sector's information, innovations and promotions in our newsletter.

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